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Learn Online Faster with Vidami

Start, stop, slow down and loop YouTube videos completely hands free!

Have you ever tried learning a song or solo on YouTube and thought:  “I’ll never be able to figure out what that chord is”? Or almost thrown your guitar through a window because you just can’t nail down that difficult riff? Maybe you want to learn a new instrument but it just seems too hard!  

That’s how we felt. But when we looked for a solution, we couldn’t find it, so we invented one: The Vidami Video Looper.

Vidami is the fastest, easiest, and most efficient way to learn music on YouTube!

YouTube is great, but reaching for the mouse every time you want to pause or restart a section of a video is not. Not to mention fumbling with the keyboard and mouse as you struggle with disappearing progress bars and clunky submenus.

And what if you want to loop a really tough section…not possible…until now!

With Vidami’s patented technology, you can Loop and Slow Down YouTube and other online videos, without all those hassles, completely hands free!

The Vidami can Slow Down the parts of the video to multiple speeds, allowing you to clearly hear every note, and see every finger position.

Tackle the most difficult parts and Loop them, one phrase at a time.

Rewind, Loop and Repeat sections until you play it as good (or better) than the pros, then Search for the next section, all while keeping your hands on the instrument and staying focused and in the flow.

While other players are struggling with the mouse to learn a specific part, you’ll be learning more songs, improving your playing, and getting the gig. It’s not cheating, it’s the next level of music learning technology.

Stay focused on your fretboard, not the keyboard.

While other guitar players are constantly starting and stopping to repeat a specific part, you’ll be learning more songs, improving your playing, and getting the gig. It’s not cheating, it’s the next level of guitar learning technology.

Optimize Your Practice Time

Each time you start and stop while learning a song on Youtube, that disruption can take 7-13 seconds. First you have to take your hands off your guitar, move the mouse and click the specific timestamp, scramble to find the correct place on the fretboard while hitting play on the space bar at the same time, then if you miss the starting point you have to start all over again. 

Those seconds add up!

Let’s do some guitar math.

It takes anywhere from 10 to 100 reps to internalize a new guitar part. We know each and every song is different, but let’s say the solo you want to learn can be broken up into 4 parts. When you repeat all 4 parts, 50 times with an average of 7 seconds per rep, your total playtime is 23.3 minutes. When you factor in the average time spent starting and re-starting, (10 seconds per rep) you’ve wasted 33.3 minutes while learning this solo.

What would you do with 33 extra minutes of practice time?

When you use the Vidami, you’ll spend less than 1 minute setting up each loop section. The looping feature COMPLETELY ELIMINATES 29 minutes of starts and stops. So, if you dedicate an hour to practicing without the Vidami, you will completely waste 33+ minutes of your time.

Hit your 10,000 hours in record time!

If you practiced 5 hours per week the old way, you’d be wasting around 132 hours per year!  You may have heard it takes 10,000 hours to become world class in your field. The Vidami will help you hit your 10,000 hours in half the time! For every hour spent practicing with the Vidami you’ll get 30+ minutes back. Effectively doubling the amount of time you can spend actually playing your instrument.

Slow down the songs, speed up YOUR results.

The Vidami pedal gives you the superpower of slowing down any section of video. See exactly where the players fingers are positioned and slow it down 75%, 50%, 35% and all the way down to 25%. On top of that, you can loop the slowed down sections too. This helps you really dig in and see exactly what notes are being played. No other learning tool on the market has this functionality.

This is why smart guitar players in over 35 countries around the world choose the Vidami

Top Guitar publications have said this about the Vidami

While other guitarists are walking, you’ll be sprinting!

Your Vidami comes with a 30 back money back guarantee. USA. So many riffs, so little time, only one pedal to learn them all! 

Revolutionize Your Practice Time & Say Goodbye to the Mouse!