Amy Hayashi-Jones and her family  stand together displaying their product, the Vidami Youtube Looper. From Left to right- sons Austin, Ian, husband Wayne Jones, and youngest son Quinn.  Poster says The Fastest Way to Learn Guitar on YouTube

About Us


A family of musicians making tools for musicians

We are a family of musicians working together to make learning easier. We know that many people are learning on Youtube and being inspired by the wonderful artists and musicians that are posting online. We also know that the best way to learn is to slow down, repeat and mindfully practice.

With Vidami you can do that handsfree. You can play along, find that difficult spot that needs work, and then slow it down and practice gradually getting up to speed. We decided to build this pedal to make people happy because it helps get rid of the frustration of having to reach for your mouse or keyboard and take your hands out of position every time you want to control the video.

We want to help people learn and stay motivated to make music and our pedals do just that: make learning online faster and easier.