Vidami Setup & Quick Start Guide

Learn faster with Vidami! Follow this guide to get your new Vidami pedal up and running in minutes.

The Vidami video looper pedal is compatible with Chrome and Safari browsers on PC and Mac computers. It also works great with Chromebooks. If you want to use Vidami’s amazing features with iOS devices including iPad and iPhone, check out Vidami Blue.

See our FAQ for answers to the most common questions people have about Vidami.

Original Vidami FAQ
Vidami Blue FAQ

Let's get started!

Step 1: Register

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Register your Original Vidami or Vidami Blue at

Step 2: Install & Restart

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Install the browser extension for your system. Then restart your computer or iOS device.

Step 3: Connect

Vidami Blue

Connect your Original Vidami or Vidami Blue to your device.

You're all set! Get ready to enjoy learning online with Freedom, Focus, and Flow

For more help connecting your Vidami, additional setup instructions, and other useful information, watch our Tutorial Setup Videos.

You can also explore the different control modes for Vidami Blue in our Modes & Functions Guide.