Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)


Watch our how-to videos to install the Vidami Chrome and Safari extensions and learn how to use the pedal.

Trouble Shooting

Please see Resolving Play/Pause Issue page to quickly solve this problem.


For Mac Users:

The Chrome extension requires macOS 10.10 or higher (Yosemite or higher). The Safari extension requires macOS 10.15 or higher (Catalina or higher), with Safari 14 installed.

For Windows Users:

The Chrome extension requires Windows 7, 8, 8.1, 10, or later.

The Vidami Blue is compatible with iPad & iPhone, but the Original Vidami is not. iOS 15 or later is required.

Unfortunately, the Vidami Blue is only available for use with Apple iOS devices until Google develops the use of mobile browser extensions on Android devices. We very much want to make it compatible with Android but have to wait for Google to implement this ability., *TrueFire.Com,,, GuitarZoom, GuitarTricks, MusicIsWin, JustinGuitar, GuitarZero2Hero, GL365 Academy MasterClass, LinkedIn Learning, TimPierce Guitar *TrueFire is fully compatible in Class View. In TAB Sync view, all functions are available except Loop.

Check out our demo videoVidami user manual

Currently we support Google Chrome or Apple Safari via a USB connection.  If you have a recent model PC or Mac without a USB port, you can easily connect the Vidami or Rep to your computer using a USB adapter. Register your pedal and download our Chrome extension or Safari extension and it’s ready to go.

Our 2019 Rep pedal works with, MartyMusic and Steve Stine's GuitarZoom.

Of course! Both the Vidami and Vidami blue is useful for anyone whose hands are occupied while learning online! Customers are using it for learning Any instrument, DIY, cooking, automotive repairs you name it, it controls any Youtube videos and makes it so much less frustrating to not to have to stop what your are doing to manipulate the video!

Yes! We are proud to announce that the Vidami was issued a Utility Patent by the USPTO.


You can check the version number by opening your Chrome browser and clicking on the small Vidami icon in the upper right hand of your browser window, just next to the url window. Click once on the icon, then scroll down and click on “Manage Extensions”. Select Rep or Vidami extension and find the version number. The current version is: 1.6. If you do not have this version installed, click “Update” in the upper left hand portion of the window. Then restart your computer and see if this fixes the issue.

To do this, open your Chrome browser and click on the small Vidami icon in the upper right hand of your browser window, just next to the url window, then scroll down to "Manage Extensions". Click and you'll see the Vidami Extension where you can then choose "Remove".

The Vidami works with Desktop, laptop and Chrome books via USB cable.

For Mac users: the Safari extension requires macOS 10.15 or higher (Catalina or higher), and the Chrome extension requires macOS 10.10 or higher (Yosemite or higher).

For Windows users: the Chrome extension requires Windows 7, 8, 8.1, 10, or later.

The Vidami Blue works via bluetooth:

Apple  (Desktop Computers and laptops )
Chrome (with OS 10.10 or later)
Safari (with OS 10.15 or later and
Safari 14 installed)
Vidami Chrome or Safari Extension required

Windows (Desktop Computers, tap tops and Chrome books)

Chrome (current version)
Windows 7,8,8.1, 20 or later
Vidami Extension required

Apple (Mobile Devices)

iOS 15 iPad, iPad mini, iPad Air 1st Generation or later iPhone7 or later
Vidami iOS 15 Safari Extension required

Shipping and Returns

We do our best to ship out all Vidami weekday orders within 24 hours. Vidami Blue are anticipated to ship November 15th - 22nd. Due to COVID-19 and the approaching holiday season, some delays may occur at the carrier level. 

We ship the Vidami to many international destinations. During checkout, you will be prompted to enter your shipping address and will be able to check if shipping is available to your country.

Currently the Vidami Blue is not available outside the USA.

PLEASE NOTE:  International Customers are responsible for all customs taxes and fees that may apply.

Please refer to our Return Policy for more information.

More questions? Please contact us so we can help you out, and update our FAQ.