Closeup of Vidami Youtube Looper. Black pedal with 5 switches that control speed, loop, back, play/pause and forward.
Vidami Video showing how constantly having to take your hands off your instrument to control YouTube videos wastes time and is frustrating.  The Vidami YouTube looper solves this problem by giving you handsfree control to loop and slow down the video with a simple tap of your foot. Learn faster and stay inspired.
A young girl is learning Ukulele online  by looping and slowing down sections of the video without taking her hands off her instrument, saving time and without being frustrated.  Her foot is on the Vidami YouTube looper which is  connected to a laptop computer via USB cable.


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Vidami is the hands-free solution for controlling YouTube & 55+ platforms on your Mac & PC Desktop Computer - Laptop- Chromebook!  

Tired of reaching for the Mouse & Keyboard to Control Online Videos? 

Loop, slow down, play, pause, and rewind YouTube & 55+ online video platforms - all with your foot. No more messing with the mouse & keyboard as you transcribe solos and songs online! Learning is all about repetition, and Vidami’s built-in functionality makes that fast! 

Cut Your Practice Time in Half!

With the Vidami you will save time and frustration by not having to take your hands off the instrument and be interrupted reaching to control the video. The more time you can stay focused on playing your instrument, the productive your time will be and this will motivate and inspire you to keep on learning! Transcribe songs and solos like never before and learn faster than ever with the Vidami!

The Vidami is compatible with Desktop Computers, Laptops & ChromeBooks
(click here for full system requirements)

Made in America

Customer Reviews

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Dale L.
Excellent learning tool

This one is a game changer in terms of learning off the internet and/or other online guitar online instruction platforms. Even internet videos with embedded speed and loop options, in this case just having the capacity to loop, go back, adjust speed, and clear all setting at the tap of a foot (as opposed to having to stop and use a mouse) makes this an exceptionally efficient devise for learning. I've been studying guitar for years with downloads and online content and this has advanced my learning by light years. And the customer service is very good. (They got back to me quickly regarding a question). My only wish is that they would have this working with Homespun Tapes and Stephan Grossman's Guitar Workshop platforms. I and, I would think, countless others have their downloads, and this would be a great additional benefit.

Chad Crawford
Excellent product!

I am using the black box version to assist in my music teaching studio (guitar-bass-drums), mostly to slow down Youtube videos, and it is a terrific product. It sets up in a few minutes and then works just as they claim in the ads. Saves a lot of time and hassle! I wish I would have had this thing many years ago. It would have accelerated my own music progress significantly.

Howard Redman
Great product!

I purchased this device with hopes that it would deliver on it's promises. I have be excited with how well it works, even on sites that were not listed for it's use. Great product.

Steven Way



I have been trying to learn guitar from YouTubes. But it was really difficult, always needing to start, stop, etc. The Vidami has been a gift! I am learning much faster, and having a great time in the process. Thanks, Vidami!