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    The Fastest Way to Learn on YouTube

Introducing Vidami

Vidami is a patented, hands-free video looper that makes learning on YouTube easier and faster.

No more reaching for the mouse and keyboard to control the video. Stay focused and inspired while you loop, slow down, rewind, fast-forward, play and pause online videos - all with a tap of your foot. 

"This pedal is beyond awesome. So easy to use. Every guitarist should have one. ...the looping and slow down is so awesome. It’s so easy to pick up licks and solos. I love it !"

- Jim B.


"This thing is worth its weight in gold!"

- Mark M.


"My new #1 pedal for practicing & transcribing"

- Mike Gairinsin, YouTube Guitar Instructor

The Art of Guitar

"A game-changer... I'm able to control all aspects of the video, hands-free with my foot!"

-Marty Schwartz, YouTube Guitar Instructor

Marty Music

“Hi Guys, I have the pedal and started using it, its so epic! This is going to change the game for my learning and progress on guitar. Thank you much!! Keep making awesome things!”

- Eli Cagan


“ITS AWESOME!! I nailed a Mick Ronson solo because I could use the pedal and concentrate  on my playing and keep my hands on the instrument. Great product and worth more than it costs for sure”  

- Lindsay Martin


"You don't really even need to learn anything - it just works."

- Tim Pierce, YouTube Guitar Instructor

Tim Pierce Guitar

"The amount of time it saves and redirects into actual music making is considerable and our teachers and students love using it.”

-David Wish

CEO and Founder of Little Kids Rock

"If you define perfect as; 'Simple to use & does exactly what it says it does' Well, here you are -"

-Brian P.


"I couldn’t imagine now not having my pedal- you can study and learn WAY faster with this."

-Dominic F.


"OF ALL the toys and pedals I have bought for my guitar, This is hands down the most valuable. (Pun intended)"

-Edwin M.


"Best thing since a pocket on a shirt! I love mine."

-Vic V.


"I absolutely love my new Vidami! Thanks for all of your hard work in developing such a useful music education tool."

-Alvin S.


" Highly recommended to do business with this company; not only that the Vidami unit is a dream come true for me but the response time is excellent...you folks are AWESOME!!! Thank you for making me happy!!"

-Ed A.


"In 2 hours I learned every guitar lick off Johnny Winters' "Be careful with a fool." Been wanting to do that for years. "

- Keven Meer


"Finally, a simple pedal to quickly take advantage of the YouTube tutorials! Just set mine up (both on Chrome and Safari) and in a couple of minutes started jamming some Pink Floyd! This gear will definitely not end up in my junk box of gear."

-Robert S.


The Future of Online Learning

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YouTube guitar instructor Steve Stine introduces Vidami

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