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Guitar Made Easy

with Vidami

What Instructors & Artists Are Saying

Vidami Affiliate Marty Schwartz (aka Marty Music)

"A gamechanger... an awesome tool that works flawlessly."

- Marty Schwartz (Marty Music)
Vidami Affiliate Helen Ibe

"I love using this pedal! Completely changes how I transcribe music."

- Helen Ibe (Patreon)
Vidami Affiliate Steve Stine (aka Guitar Zoom)

"It's very simple to use — an incredible, hands-free time saver!"

- Steve Stine (GuitarZoom)
A foot presses on of the switches on the Vidami Blue
Vidami Blue on the ground next to a bass guitar and the player's feet
Learn | Perform | Create Practice more efficiently Stay hands-free and focused Save time and energy

with Vidami

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